Wednesday, November 7, 2007

School Administrator Response to PSG Letters

KG1 & 2

No PTM scheduled yet for KG-1 parents in this academic year.As already informed to all parents at the beginning of the year, the PTM is scheduled for 29 September. Teachers at kindergarten level need a longer period of time to assess the development and progress of each child. The child needs time to ‘settle in’ in the new environment before assessing his progress on different parameters. Hence the first meeting is scheduled in September.In any case, teachers do meet parents Monday through Friday after 12.15 pm to discuss individual children’s progress. It is convenient if they make an appointment with the respective teacher in advance.
Parents request a more detailed feedback on their wards. This feedback should be more on individual child’s personality from the teacher and should be documented and given to parents.Teachers prepare a detailed weekly report which records performance in all activities as well as personality traits. This is sent to all parents through the child on Monday. Teachers have reported, however, that on occasion parents do not realize that the report is in the child’s bag, and it comes back unopened on Tuesday.

School to confirm whether they issue report card when the child moves from KG-1 to KG-2 and from KG-2 to Std-1There is no report card from KG1 & KG 2 but a consolidated progress report based on the activities carried out by the child is recorded through the year and is handed to the next respective class. However, the school is willing to issue the report card at the end of this year to parents as well.

The parents request an update on the activities the teacher has planned for the coming term. The poems to be done, word list, show & tell theme etc. This will help them practice the same with the kids at home.
While a session plan is given to parents of higher classes, we were not following the practice of doing it for KG. However, now that the PSG has specifically requested it, it will be sent to parents from the October session onwards.

The need for a lesson plan is felt at KG-1 and KG-2 level. Wherein the kids should be taught use of “Magic words” like ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ etc. The use of complete sentences while communicating, importance of forming a queue, personal cleanliness and basic moral lessons etc.The feedback from teachers is that they have been cultivating the habit of using Magic words. After this input from the PSG, more efforts have been made to reinforce politeness, cleanliness and moral values. Magic words were displayed in the classrooms. Teachers now include a moral class during circle time once a week.
School should plan activities like sports day / drama day for these kids too.
Children of KG 1 & 2 have been included in special assemblies such as I Day and Merdeka celebrations. A Sports Day is planned for this year, most likely in January.

An assistant is very much required in the class, as the teacher alone cannot handle the class.Thanks to the initiative of the PSG, parent volunteers have been coming in regularly and have proved to be a great help in the classroom. Not only do they assist during classes and craft activities, they have taken on responsibilities during field trips as well. The school would like to take the opportunity to thank the following parents for their support:Mrs. C. MeghnaMrs. Lalitha Kumari PeesapathyMrs. Nidhi BhargavaMrs. Sudipta DasMrs. Prabha VishvanathMrs. Sarasvathi Suppiah
No clarity on the day care facility organised by the school
The school does not have the space or resources for a day care facility at present.
A few students of KG1 & 2, at parents’ request, do remain in school until 2.30 p.m. and are looked after by the nurse.

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