Friday, April 18, 2008

New comment on School Fee Rise atGIIS Malaysia

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

School Fee Rise at GIIS Malaysia - Discuss

All the parents are upset.I remember that there is a signature campaign already on going from parents in Palm court and the surroundings. I am not aware of all the details.In my opinion parents as a group should indicate to the school that they will not pay the fees until the issue is resolved. A signature campaign with specific message like this will be helpful. Otherwise school will ignore us. There should be a proper system of representation.It is better to have a discussion with the leaders of the signature campaign already on going (hope some one can get the info) and see how to organise and move further.



Myself Tejal Purohit is a parent of GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and I am here to have few words with you on revised fees. I am not happy with revised fees n hoping that maximum of you r not happy too. I think we all together can do something as we have many strong points to oppose this raise like,

1. No aircon after paying such a huge fees.
2. No big canteen with full fledge facilities.
3. No ground facilities.
4. Even in new school toilets r too less n its too small building.
5. No parking facilities for parent, if we visit school where to park the vehicle.
6. No proper administration as per the standard of international schools.

N much more too discuss but management has no time to solve the single problem. They have given reason to raise the fees which are useless we being a parent are using many facilities similar to school than when there is no cost of raise in our things why in them. Also during the begining of the school they assured us that there will b no raise in fees for coming 5 years than what happened to their words. I wish if we all unite than we can have a way.

I request you all to join me in a sign campaign n hold the fees till thay discuss on the same. You can contact me if you are positive to join me on 0162424625 - Tejal Purohit.

Hope to listen a positive reply at the earliest as we have only 2 days in hand to present ourselves as 19th is the last date of fees to be paid.


GIIS MALAYSIA Secondary School Campus - Discuss

Well, now we have the secondary school campus although it opened 1 week late. Any comments?

Friday, January 11, 2008

FAQ By GIIS Singapore Parent Blog For Our Reference

FAQ on "PSG web site" and PSG Status as last spotted
This FAQ is to answer all your queries related to "PSG web site" etc:
Q: Is this forum run by PSG ? / Is this the PSG web site ?A: No. This is run by parents who have nothing better to do :)Jokes aside, we welcome PSG too to join this effort by posting articles/comments here and helping to keep parents informed. But so far we have not been contacted by PSG, neither for QT nor EC.
Q: Is this the "fake PSG website" ?A: No. We are neither fake, nor PSG ! We know why you are asking, we hope it was just a case of mistaken identity.
Q: What is PSG ?A: Parent Support Group (easy!)
Q: How can I join PSG ?A: Please ask PSG, not us. We are unable to comment on who is welcome to join PSG and who is not, or how you could join. Meanwhile, if you have constructive feedback, or new ideas, you are welcome to join us! (No benefits, just hard work).
Q: Is this the GIIS Petition web site ?A: No. Sorry to disappoint you, no juicy bits here !
Q: How do I find out more about PSG ?A: Again, please ask PSG, not us. Alright, the status is visible on MYGIIS... but then it has not been updated (for QT PSG) for the last two years ! (Regarding EC, we understand that there is no update worth mentioning).PSG QT/EC: Please correct us if we made any mistake on any of these.The main activity as last heard from PSG QueensTown this year (2007) was classwise parents meetings. However the outcomes (if any) are not known to any parent.Status of PSG (QT) as on MYGIIS at present (last updated October 2005) still shows many issues open (reproduced below for your reference):

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