Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Past PSG Comments - KG1

GPM date – 3rd August 2007

Class – KG -1

Issues & Concerns voiced by the parents:


1. Mail inviting parent-volunteers and the GPM-announcement mail was not received by many parents. This concern has been voiced by many parents across school, stating that they do not receive many mails sent by the school and only hear about it form other parents.

2. Classes are not clean. As these young kids work on the floor, it is not very hygienic.

3. Parents log-in not updated. Parameters like fees paid, timetable, HW, Worksheets carry no information.

4. Admin staff is not sensitive to parents. Messages on phone are not conveyed. There are no fixed timings for the parents to come and collect books/uniforms or pay fees. Parents request that the staff should be around at the following times 11:30 – 12noon and 2pm – 2:30pm as they come to pick up their wards around this time and would like to settle things like buying books / uniforms etc.

5. Photo - Identification cards are a must for all students.

6. No clarity on the day care facility organised by the school.


1. No PTM scheduled yet for KG-1 parents in this academic year.

2. Parents request a more detailed feedback on their wards. This feedback should be more on individual child’s personality from the teacher and should be documented and given to parents.

(Reporting similar to how it happens in KG-2 (Tulip) would be welcomed)

3. School to confirm whether they issue report card when the child moves from KG-1 to KG-2 and from KG-2 to Std-1

4. The parents request an update on the activities the teacher has planned for the coming term. The poems to be done, word list, show & tell theme etc. This will help them practice the same with the kids at home.

5. The need for a lesson plan is felt at KG-1 and KG-2 level. Wherein the kids should be taught use of “Magic words” like ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ etc. The use of complete sentences while communicating, importance of forming a queue, personal cleanliness and basic moral lessons etc.

6. School should plan activities like sports day / drama day for these kids too.

7. An assistant is very much required in the class, as the teacher alone cannot handle the class.


1. Parents also appreciated, Mrs. Daljit and Mrs. Agnes who are doing an excellent job with the kids.

2. The school environment is very pleasant.

3. The kids love attending the school.

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