Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PSG Resignation Email - Oct 25th 2007

Dear Mrs Sharma & Manoj,

The PSG members have been very enthusiastic in their roles, to help bring the GIIS-community together.
The members themselves came in early every morning for 2 months to organise the drop-off. The system was successfully implemented.
Helped school organise parent volunteers for K1 and K2
Source Hindi and Tamil worksheets for beginners to be given to parents
Organise GPM class-wise. Conduct these meetings, which also meant to be at the receiving end from disgruntled parents.
Minute every meeting, forward the same to school in an organised fashion. This activity took PSG two months to conceptualise, put into action and deliver to school.
There are issues that PSG has been bringing to school's notice right from day one that it came into existence;
ID cards
School transport (bus permits validity??)
Bridging classes for students joining from other syllabus, which was promised to parents
Increasing class strength
Canteen size etc.
There has been no response at all on these issues. Promises have been made by Manoj ( which we conveyed to the parents),but not kept.

Parents are rightfully getting annoyed with PSG and feel no confidence in our representation. Hence all the members unanimously do not feel confident to carry on in this role/responsibility and are forced to resign.


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