Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is GIIS Malaysia expanding to the premises of Bunga Raya Private School?

We have been informed that an announcement was made in Singapore regarding the “new campus” mentioned above.

Perhaps this is a good time to list the parents’ expectations so that the new location can have a good start.

Parents meeting on Oct 27 2007

There was a parents' meeting on Oct 27 2007 to discuss current issues and development opportunities at GIIS Malaysia.

About 25 couples attended and agreed on a way forward to engage the GIIS Malaysia school administration.

It was noted as well that a common communication channel is non-existent for the GIIS Malaysia parents and as such those who attended agreed unanimously that this blog is set up to facilitate open discussions leading to the betterment of the school.

GIIS Malaysia Parent Support Group Resignation

This is to highlight to all GIIS Malaysia parents that the PSG have resigned on Friday Oct 26th 2007. Any views on this development?