Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Past PSG Comments - Standard 2

GPM date – 13th August 2007

Class – STD 2

Issues & Concerns voiced by the parents:


1. Toilets and classrooms are not clean.

2. Messages on phone are not conveyed. There are no fixed timings for the parents to come and collect books/uniforms or pay fees.

3. Photo - Identification cards are a must for all students.

4. School is seriously lacking on the communication front. Though it has an excellent system to interact with parents, it is not utilized optimally. Teachers rarely correspond or respond via email. Parents want more regular feedback from teachers, especially if it is a cause of concern on discipline or academic front, and not wait until the PTM.

5. Teacher – student ratio is very high. Teachers can’t seem to cope with the class. Need more teachers.
6. Lack of discipline – Students do not wear their uniforms properly, vulgar /rude words are been used in the school premises.
7. Location of class 2c is not convenient to the students. There seems to be no supervision when teachers are late to enter the class (2c).
8. Theft cases are on the rise among students. Some moral lessons should be imparted during assembly.
9. Many promises were made to the parents, when the school started its operations. The promised strength in each class was 24 students, which is not the case today. In fact the facilities are shrinking, the canteen is very small and many ECA/CCA rooms have been converted to classes. Can there be communication from the school as to when this situation will be reversed? Today the image the school of the school is more like “Global Kampong School” and not “international”


The drivers behave very rudely with students; sometimes they hit the students on the head. Students are transferred to other vans, mid-way in the afternoons and this is done in the middle of the road. Parents are worried about the safety of the students. During the journey to PE lesson, students are seen standing in the bus. Change of drivers is very frequent.

Parents would like to know whether before worksheets are given to the students, are the teachers teaching in the class the lesson. This is regarding the English worksheets e.g. Compound noun. Parents feel the worksheets are given without proper guidance in class. The instructions on the worksheets are very difficult to understand and seem to be of very high level for the students. It has become homework for parents. (English teacher – Mrs. George)
Math’s syllabus has not being properly planned because there seems to be no proper link on what is being taught. There has been a frequent change in teachers and each teacher is using a different method. Therefore parents feel that a standard method must be used. Students are doing work mentally and not showing the workings. Although worksheets are given , parents feels more practice should be done in the class.(Math’s teacher – Ms. Shatwath)
Teachers are rushing to finish the syllabus for the coming exam
In GK the topics given are too many. Sometimes although topics are given, questions are not from the said topics. This subject can be given a more interesting approach by having quiz in the class.
Hindi – there is no flow in the teaching. Too much to be covered within one session, no proper sequence in the method especially in teaching alphabets, some time should be allocated for conversational Hindi.
EVS can be taught in a more interactive manner.
Bahasa Malaysia- lack of foundation therefore students are finding it too difficult to understand. Parents are not satisfied with the teaching method.(Teacher- Ms. Mariamma)
Computer class- There seems to be no feedback from the teacher. Parents are totally in the dark has to what is being taught. Is the IT lab facility adequate; are there enough computers for the students?
In Sanskrit there have been very few lessons.
Is it possible to have double periods for main stream subjects like English, Math’s, and Science so that more practice can be done?
Can school provide remedial classes for students who are weak in certain subjects and who have moved from curriculum other than CBSE?

ECA / CCA / Club Activities
Club activities are not seriously taught, there are no proper timetable when classes like Chess, Carom and Scrabble are being held. Taekwondo classes are not organized there seem to be no grading for quite some time now. When it rains this class is being cancelled.
School should have Sports day.
Yoga Class – Too many students i.e. 50 in a class. Parents are concern because this is dangerous especially when a child is doing yoga for the first time. Maybe the class should be split/ there must be assistants.
Chess class – Too many students in the class. Parents have spoken to the teacher concern and the teacher himself admitted that he can’t cope with the large class.

Parents feel Ms. Raji of 2C is doing excellent job with her students.

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