Friday, January 11, 2008

FAQ By GIIS Singapore Parent Blog For Our Reference

FAQ on "PSG web site" and PSG Status as last spotted
This FAQ is to answer all your queries related to "PSG web site" etc:
Q: Is this forum run by PSG ? / Is this the PSG web site ?A: No. This is run by parents who have nothing better to do :)Jokes aside, we welcome PSG too to join this effort by posting articles/comments here and helping to keep parents informed. But so far we have not been contacted by PSG, neither for QT nor EC.
Q: Is this the "fake PSG website" ?A: No. We are neither fake, nor PSG ! We know why you are asking, we hope it was just a case of mistaken identity.
Q: What is PSG ?A: Parent Support Group (easy!)
Q: How can I join PSG ?A: Please ask PSG, not us. We are unable to comment on who is welcome to join PSG and who is not, or how you could join. Meanwhile, if you have constructive feedback, or new ideas, you are welcome to join us! (No benefits, just hard work).
Q: Is this the GIIS Petition web site ?A: No. Sorry to disappoint you, no juicy bits here !
Q: How do I find out more about PSG ?A: Again, please ask PSG, not us. Alright, the status is visible on MYGIIS... but then it has not been updated (for QT PSG) for the last two years ! (Regarding EC, we understand that there is no update worth mentioning).PSG QT/EC: Please correct us if we made any mistake on any of these.The main activity as last heard from PSG QueensTown this year (2007) was classwise parents meetings. However the outcomes (if any) are not known to any parent.Status of PSG (QT) as on MYGIIS at present (last updated October 2005) still shows many issues open (reproduced below for your reference):


JCS said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008. A great start for the year. I suggest that we should organise activities to attract active participations from parents. The last two get together meeting has concentrated in shooting letters to the management. We should concentrate on increasing the active participation frm parents now. The only way to do it is to organise activities which can benefits the children. Hope everyone will take this suggestion seriously and we should start working on it seriously. Please post this comment on the main page to get feed back from fellow parents.

sashi said...

that's a very attractive shouldn't be a blog about just complaints, especially complaints which usually go unheeded. i can't begin to think what activities can be organised and at what level?

jcs said...

For example there are many malaysian parents having difficulty with catching up of the syllabus. We can pool our resources to organise tuition classes. Another area is sports activities which is not at all available in the school. I am sure many more activities can be organised. We can get inspiration from other active Parents Group in other International Schools.

nurul said...

no updates for a long time? do u feel academics is better or worse..

Anonymous said...

how many expat parents here? pls. come and join here to discuss the problem regarding our kids education.

sanu said...

No body knows of this site. We should find ways to give this blog address to every parent from our school.If we all articulate our views our school would be better and we souldn't be exploited like this. If we stand as one voice all of our children will benefit. We should give this blog address to every parent we know.

ram said...

Finally we have a competitor for GIIS(Malaysia).

VIKAS International School,
No.168, Jalan Klang Lama,58000 Kuala Lumpur.

christ said...

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