Sunday, December 2, 2007

How to post in this blog

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Parent1 said...

I would like to say that with the type of management that we have seen so far in GIIS , it must be obvious to all of us that unless we take up one issue after another and keep pushing for it, we will get nothing.There is an urgent need to popularise this blog and have more discussions, voting etc., Otherwise, this will die a natural death

sg parents said...

Can you please place a link to GIIS Singapore Parent forum

We have provided link in our forum to yours (check it out please).

Parents googling for 'giis forum' from singapore are seeing your forum first, that's why we are making this request to you.

Thanks in advance
for S'pore parents

P.S. Your forum seems inactive for a long time.

Ani said...

I heard that they have asked one of the parent to pay the usual fees in GIIS Malaysia. Does that mean that they have dropped the fee hike?