Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is GIIS Malaysia expanding to the premises of Bunga Raya Private School?

We have been informed that an announcement was made in Singapore regarding the “new campus” mentioned above.

Perhaps this is a good time to list the parents’ expectations so that the new location can have a good start.


Anonymous said...

good effort!!!
setting up a blog site is good idea!

we couldn't come for the meeting as its a working day.

would like to know more about, what happened at the meeting on saturday.

also what is the response from school, as to PSG's resignation???

and also some update on the new campus(where&when ) would be appreciated....

rakhi anand

Anonymous said...

It is very sad indeed that the school management did not communicate to parents of their progress and plans for the school. What is the point of advertising in Singapore? Parents should always be informed of any latest development and as to date the school has not communicate this news to any parents.
How are the parents going to work hand in hand to promote the school?
Harvin Gill

meyappa said...

Does anyone has idea of the location of this campus. Thanks

kabilan k said...

And please tell me where is the Bunga Raya private school. And do wer know any other details as to when and who will be affected by this. Thank You.

Anonymous said...
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Shankar said...

This is interesting. Rightfully posted as a question. As you know the expansion involves the Malaysian campus, however the statement was, supposedly, made in Singapore.

Points to ponder!

Why was it made in Singapore, when the number of Malaysian parents who were present there was minimal?

Why was the statement not repeated in Malaysia or provided to the Malaysian GIIS parents as a handout? We are the beneficiaries of this exercise, I would think.

Note to the Blogger
Nice effort with this Blogsite initiative. Please try and drive more traffic to the site.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if the school can expand further which appears imminent. One thing we all can be happy and proud about is that the school is doing well and the demand increasing. This could mean only two things 1. more people are wanting an Indian education based on the CBSE syllabus and/or 2. many have heard of the positive aspects of the school. Whatever the reasons for the increasing demand it seems imperative upon the management to start thinking of its deliverables based on promises made. Whether there would be more problems or less could depend very much on the managements ability to tackle the many issues that are surfacing. We as parents are definitely wanting a school that can be good educators of our children and make us pround to be parents associated with an Indian School.

Shanthini Venugopal said...

This was announced at the Global Harmony programme in Singapore ( I was there) by Mr Atul, however I think the dotted line has yet to be signed , so no announcement has been made to the parents. Maybe Mr Atul was very excited and got caught up with the momentum of things and jumped the gun by doing so...I think for this matter, we should wait and see for the annocement by the school.They should make some kind of annoncement before the school year ends, cos from what I understand the move will be implemented January if all things go as planned. The above information is not official , just what I have heard in the grapevine as well, which is why I feel we should just sit on this one for a while.

Warm regards